Whittaker & Associates Counseling, LLC

14355 SW Allen Blvd #120 Beaverton, OR  97007

Phone 503-703-1547 



Whittaker and Associates is dedicated to providing the finest and most effective counseling services to individuals who are troubled by issues in the Portland Oregon Metro Area.  We firmly uphold the fundamentals of ethical and moral obligations,  which has led to establishing ourselves as a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated staff of mental health professionals.


We achieve our goals of servicing individuals by focusing on what we do best: we treat people with respect and kindness while assisting them in understanding how they can fulfill their potential.  We achieve this worthy cause with the utmost care, relying upon our primary strength: complete respect for the clients we serve and our referral sources.


We do this by devoting our energy, knowledge, and experience in assisting the client who is our most important asset - indeed, our only asset.  We have invested in our existing and potential employees, from book keepers to therapists; by having a unified goal that all can share and believe in.

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